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    2018 Fashion Trend Tips

    2018 Fashion Trend Tips

     With the new year coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about renovating your wardrobe and updating your closet with the top 2018 fashion trend tips and style ideas. You can easily create an effortlessly stylish and chic new collection of clothes and have a fresh fashion start for 2018 with these must have clothing items.


    Confident & Beautiful – Feminine Blouses


    Why we love this trend for 2018?

    A beautiful, high quality blouse is an absolute must-have for 2018, but instead of regular blouses, these ones have a special twist to them with girly details, such as bows, ruffles and peplum detailing. The aim of these silhouettes is to bring out your effortless, feminine side, and they are just gorgeous while mixing business casual vibes to your look. When choosing the right blouse, don’t be afraid to mix and match more of these girly styles (such as bows and ruffles together, of puff sleeves and cut outs together), and depending on the occasion, throw an oversized denim jacket or a sharp blazer on top.


    When to wear this fashion trend?

    Rock it with high waisted checked or suede pants when you want to feel powerful and beautiful at the same time. Because of its business casual yet flirty vibe, these blouses are great with red lipstick and high heels as well.


    Sofelo Blouse Choices:

    Asymmetrical Ruffle Bandeau Blouse
    featuring a gorgeous, thin striped design, peplum waistline and a cropped cut out


    Elegant Off Shoulder Blouse
    featuring a versatile beige shade with draped off shoulder silhouette




    Black Widow – Dark, Sexy Lace Tops and Dresses


    Why we love this trend for 2018?

    White and pink lace can be pretty and girly, but black, wine red and deep blue lace add a whole different vibe to your overall look, and in 2018, it’s time to experience with the darker side of fashion as well with this fashion trend tip. Lace tops and dresses are always a gorgeous, vintage inspired material choice, and it’s guaranteed to become one of the new year’s statement pieces in your brand new closet. While it carries classy elements (and definitely reminds us of the Dolce & Gabbana collections with the black lace dresses), it is also something new to try out in 2018.


    When to wear this fashion trend?

    These delicate, stunning black lace pieces were designed for those occasions where you want to emphasize your more dramatic and feminine side with a dark twist. The blend of black and dark shades and lace is the perfect mix of romantic and sultry, so why not rock it with a pencil skirt and a pearl necklace for a dinner date?


    Sofelo Lace Choices:

     Elegant Lace Crochet Top
    featuring a cropped design, zip up back and gorgeous lace overlay


    Black Sequins and Lace Dress
    feauting tassels, a vintage vibe and embellished lace detailing



    Effortlessly Stylish – Suede Skirts and Pants


    Why we love this trend for 2018?

    There is something very luxurious and simply elegant about suede that makes it an amazing trend choice for the new year if you would like to spice up your wardrobe with a truly interesting and unique material. While suede tops and jackets have been very popular this year, in 2018, suede bottoms will be way more trendy, especially mixed with other delicate fabrics. Suede is soft yet sturdy, and you can wear it through any season during 2018 – with a leather jacket and oversized knitted scarf during colder weather, and with a lace crop top and satin bomber for warmer days.


    When to wear this fashion trend?

    Wear high waisted suede pants for fashion meetings and brunch with your friends, and a lace up suede skirt for dates and night outs. Suede will give you an extra splash of luxury and confidence.


    Sofelo Suede Choices:


    Suede Tapered Trousers
    featuring a high waisted, figure hugging silhouette and oversized pockets


    Leather Suedette Pencil Skirt

    featuring a silver zipper, pencil skirt silhouette with mini length



    Soft & Feminine – Satin Dresses and Jackets


    Why we love this trend for 2018?

    Besides lace, satin is also one of the most feminine and high end fabrics that can instantly turn an outfit into something new. In 2018, satin and silk will make a huge come back, so we recommend picking up a satin jacket and dress and experiment with different styles, such as military bombers and wrap dress silhouettes. Especially paired with suede, it can create an exciting outfit for the new year, so it is perfect if you are getting used to velvet, knits and other 2017 winter fabrics.


    When to wear this fashion trend?

    When you want to shine and make a statement. Satin can also be worn in so many different ways, such as a dress for dates, or as a comfy jacket or shift dress for casual occasions – it all depends of the use of your accessories and the incorporation of your personal style.


    Sofelo Satin Choices:

    Basic Army Bomber Jacket
    featuring feminine pink shade and ribbon sleeve details


    Satin Wrap Dress
    featuring a classic wrap design and angel sleeves


    2017 Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

    2017 Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

    With all the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about different outfit options for every occasion. In the next couple of weeks, it’s better to prepare for both family Christmas meetings and girly New Year’s night outs, and to put together both elegant and sultry outfits. Taking inspirations from the season’s biggest women’s winter fashion trends, we created our very own festive outfit ideas.


    Sultry Mesh

    One of the biggest favorites this season, without a doubt would have to be mesh overlay dresses. Mesh not only creates a beautiful, sexy illusion, it also accentuates your shape and makes any outfit more trendy and interesting. Our two picks for the festive Christmas and New Year’s eve party season is our Side Split Mesh Evening Dress, which adds a dramatic touch to your look, while the puff, sequin sleeves keep the dress romantic.

    Our other absolute favorite is the Polka Dots Mesh Dress, which is a bit more fun and bohemian compared to the evening dress version. Besides the classic black and white polka dots, this dress also features a pretty mini length and ruffled edges. Mesh can be paired with almost any accessory, but to emphasize its girly vibe, we recommend wearing our mesh dresses with statement earrings and lace gloves.



    Festive Velvet

    Velvet is without a doubt the most popular fabric of the 2017 winter season, and we perfectly understand the reason behind it: velvet is a gorgeous, royal material with an elegant warmth and shine to it, so it makes the perfect Christmas and New Year’s Eve party outfits. Sofelo offers a wide range of velvet dresses, our two favorites are the Velvet Wrap Mini Dress, which has a gorgeous wine red shade and a figure hugging wrap design, and the Tie Back Velvet Cami Dress with a cute, romantic bow on the back and a sultry mini length. Velvet looks stunning with metallic or pearl accessories, so don’t be afraid to rock this dress with a peal clutch and gold or silver stilettos.



    Sophistacted Midi Length

    You can never go wrong with an elegant, subtle midi dress. Because of its length, it’s appropriate to any event, so it’s just perfect for Christmas work or family parties, where you want to show your more sophisticated side. Although midi length can make your legs look a bit shorter, you can easily cancel that effect by wearing nude or patent leather high heels, which will make your legs appear longer. Our picks for the 2017 holiday season for festive outfits are the Off Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress and the Halterneck Bodycon Midi Dress. While the off shoulder is a classic choice with ruffles emphasizing your neck and shoulder area, the halterneck is a more risky choice, which is perfect if you would like to show off your figure. For midi length dresses, we recommend wearing high heels with a cropped leather jacket or blazer to keep the right proportions of your figure.



    Romantic Lace

    Lace has a timeless elegance and beauty, so it’s understandably very popular during the holiday seasons. Whether you want to pick an innocent white lace dress or a dramatic wine red or black one, it will create a sophisticated and effortless vibe. Lace is a versatile fabric that you can mix with anything, such as a velvet blazer (for family dinners) or a pair of patent leather heels and metallic jacket (for the New Year’s Eve party to stand out). If you prefer a more traditional look over constantly changing trends, you will fall in love with lace this winter. Our picks are the Little Black Lace Dress, which is a new, cold shoulder take on the classy LBD with intricate black lace overlay, and the Vintage Ruffle Lace Dress, which features a stunning ruffle skirt, long sleeves and a sturdy lace overlay.




     Stunning Sequin

     If you want to add an extra sparkle to your look, sequin dresses are going to be your go-to looks this season. Although they can be quite extravagant, they are also very versatile with lots of different styling otpions. For a Christmas party with your family, we recommend matching it with a clean cut black blazer or a chunky knit cardigan for that festive vibe. On the other hand, rock a mesh jacket or a pair of thigh high boots with your sequin dress for the year’s biggest night out and be the star of the night! For either occasion, we’ve got your perfect match. The V Neck Sequin Tassels Party Dress has a low back cut out (and it looks absolutely breathtaking with a gold drop back chain) with extra tassels for an 1920’s Great Gatsby vibe, and our other pick, the Sequin Plunge Mini Dress is a gorgeous printed sequin dress with sultry, thin straps and a shift silhouette.


    2017 Winter Fashion Trends and Styling Ideas

    2017 Winter Fashion Trends and Styling Ideas

     We know, waking up on a freezing December morning to go to school or work is not the most ideal moment for fashion experimenting, but who says you can’t stay fashionable during the colder weather as well? 2017 fall and winter fashion trends are just as perfect and exciting in the fashion world as the summer and spring season – with different knitted styles, rich, deep colors and unique embroidery, you are guaranteed to find the perfect matches for your personal style. In our new blog post, we are going to share all our favorite styling tips for winter, from rocking oversized sweater dresses to layering.


    Oversized Sweaters


    They might look boring at first, but with the endless different styles, you can create any type of outfit you can dream of, while keeping you warm and cozy. There are various different options you can choose from: an off-shoulder design with a pretty lace bralette underneath it, a twisted back cut-out with a belt to accentuate your waist, or a lengthened style that will match a warm pair of leggings and boots.


    For casual occasions: Make it comfy and cute with your favorite pair of jeans, chunky heeled boots and a messy bun. Wear it with a parka coat or sturdy leather jacket, and an adorable pom-pom hat.


    For special occasions: It might seem tricky to style a big sweater for special occasions or for a Friday night out with your girl friends, but if you rock it with a pair of lace up, high heeled suede boots, a bold lipstick and faux leather leggings.


    Sofelo Oversized Sweater Recommendations:


    Cold Shoulder Pullover

    This cold sholuder sweater with a rollneck detail shows just enough skin

    wear it with…
    …white pants and a panda hat


    Turtleneck Pullover

    A beautiful turtleneck is always a great choice when it comes to special occasions and business meetings
    wear it with…
    …a classy pair of jeans and drop earrings


    Chunky Knit Cardigans 

    Chunky knit cardigans are just perfect for layering and creating interesting, beautiful fall and winter outfits. Their opened, usually longer style allows you to wear basically anything underneath them, such as lace blouses, silk tops or even dresses. You can also add other layers, such as a bralette and a mesh or satin blouse to make your look more unique. Chunky knit cardigans also look great with vintage denim jackets or longer, more elegant coats.


    For casual occasions: Pair your chunky knit cardigan with a striped shirt and a pair of black jeans or dungarees if you’d like to go extra comfortable.


    For special occasions: Wear it with a leather jacket or a slim fitted jumpsuit and killer heels to vamp up your cosy cardigan. You can also add a dramatic makeup look, such as bold lips or smokey eyes.


    Sofelo Chunky Knit Cardigan Recommendations:

     Fringe Long Cardigan

    With the fringed edges, this beautiful cardigan has a bohemian chic vibe to it as well, which makes us fall in love with it even more!

    wear it with…

    … a black velvet romper and tights


     Winter Shrug Knitted Cardigan

    The grey color, the knits and the shape of the cardigan is simply perfect for winter

    wear it with…

    …the classic white top and jeans combination.


    Faux Fur Jackets

    One of our favorites from the 2017 winter fashion trends is faux fur, especially in the form of faux fur jackets. There is something so mysterious and beautiful about these jackets, and they can be mixed with everything. We recommend pairing faux fur with minimalist pieces and neutral colors such as white, black, grey and beige, to keep the focus on the fur.


    For casual occasions: For university or a busy Tuesday morning, rock your faux fur jacket with chunky heeled boots, skinny jeans and a flowy blouse or warm sweater.


    For special occasions: Fur and leather is a match made in heaven, so why not pair your jacket with high waisted, leather pants for a Friday night out? Don’t forget a statement necklace or pair of earrings!


    Sofelo Faux Fur Jacket Recommendations:

     Faux Fur Layered Coat

    This beautiful layered coat is great for everyday wear or for special occasions as well

    wear it with…
    … a high waisted pencil skirt and a bow blouse


    Faux Fur Long Coat

    On the other hand, choose this coat if you are looking for something a little bit more edgy

    wear it with…
    …black, textured pants and an off shoulder or cross-back sweater


    Knit Dresses


    Knit dresses are the fall and winter version of little black dresses with a casual, cool flare. You can get them in mini or midi lengths and various colors and designs, our favorites for this year are the midi cold shoulder knit dresses and the turtleneck knit dresses, which are ideal for layering as well.


    For casual occasions: For work or university days, wear your knit dress with flat boots, a crossbody bag and an oversized coat to keep you warm


    For special occasions: Make your dress a true LBD with high heels, a faux fur scarf and a floppy hat


    Sofelo Knit Dress Recommendations:


    Turtelneck Knit Dress

    This is such a classic piece with the turtleneck design and the simple, white color!

    wear it with…
    …red lips and wavy hair


    Halter Neck Knit Dress

    For a dinner date or a night out with the girls, this dress is the perfect choice

    wear it with…
    …pearl jewelry and thigh high boots!



    Sofelo Christmas Gift Guide

    Sofelo Christmas Gift Guide

    We all have different types of friends – while some of them love dressing up and playing with new fashion trends, others just want to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible. To help you out in the maze of gift ideas, we created our gift guide for the five most popular fashion styles!



    The Bohemian

    Finding a gift for your boho chic friend can be very easy! As a bohemian, free spirit, your friend loves very specific styles and designs – floral and animal patterns, loose fits, short rompers, frilled maxi dresses and kimonos can be her favorites for any season. When looking for a gift for her, make sure to choose something that screams fun and playful, and instead of rigid materials and fancy appliques and crystals, search for embroidery, earth colors light materials.


    Our tips:

    Floral Romper

    This beautiful, off shoulder romper with the white cut-out detailing, the floral print and the frilled neckline will definitely remind your friend of spontaneous summer holidays and beach parties.


    Embroidered Denim Jacket

    There is nothing more fun than an oversized, vintage denim jacket with colorful floral embroidery and the beautiful coin trend!


    What else?

    For a bohemian girl like her, we recommend choosing a small set of natural bath bombs and body butters, or a cute, boho chic home décor item.



    The Comfy Girl

     She likes things oversized and comfortable, without any unnecessary hassle…so for the “comfy” girl, you might want to search for something that’s cozy and warm (especially for winter), yet still stylish and fashion forward. Chunky knit sweaters and long cardigans are always winners, as she can wrap herself up in them while still looking cute. Before choosing the perfect gift, go for neutral colors that she can easily mix and match with everything else in her closet, such as beige, brown, white or ecru.


    Our tips:

    V Neck Knitted Sweater 

    With the dropped, off shoulder design and the cozy chunky knit, this sweater is the perfect gift idea for your friend! 


    Batwing Shawl Cardigan

    Who could not fall in love with this deep beige batwing cardigan that she can easily wear with basic white tank tops and T-shirts? 


    What else?

    A pair of fuzzy socks or a DIY hot chocolate set with a mug and marshmallows are great details to accompany the sweater.



    The Fashionista

    She is the girl who is always up to date with the newest trends. She is not afraid to experiment, and always looks like a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi. Her style perfectly represents her confidence and interest in fashion, so gifting her clothes will definitely melt her heart. Make sure to find something that’s timeless with a youthful edge to it. Anything that’s a bit more modern and extravagant can work, such as studded or faux fur pieces, mini skirt and interesting materials. For inspiration, take a look at the latest cat walks and don’t be afraid to choose something daring that only she can pull off.


    Our Tips:

    Pink Suede Dress

    Lace up dresses are a huge trend this season, especially in this unique, pink suede material. She can pair this beautiful mini dress with over the knee boots or a black balzer for a more formal overall look. 


    Fluffy Long Faux Fur Coat

    These beautiful faux fur coats make every outfit ten times more chic and fashionable, especially with a leather or mesh top underneath it.


    What else?

    Besides these ideas, a coffee table book about great designers such as Dior, Giuseppe Zanotti or Prada is a winner idea.



    The Vintage Lover

    We all have that friend who lives in the past when it comes to fashion. Beautiful midi dresses, polka dot prints, kitten heels, red lipstick and antique flares – these are the details that describe her style the best, and she would probably never wear something that’s not sophisticated. To surprise her, try to look for something that blends vintage fashion into today’s trends, this way, she’s getting the best of both worlds.


    Our Tips:

    Vintage Ruffle Winter Dress

    From the soft fabric to the feminine ruffles and the length of the dress, this piece embodies everything relating to vintage fashion trends, so it’s definitely a great choice for your friend.

    Vintage Checked Pants

    If she loves the 70’s more formal, office style, this is the perfect choice for her. These pants were inspired by the classic retro trend, and it offers very versatile styling options.


    What else?

    Pick a deep, satin finish red lipstick or any little accessory from the flea market that represents her style.


    The Girly Girl

     Dresses, high heels, always curled hair and stunning accessories…you could easily tell if your friend is a girly girl! For her, try to stick with the more romantic and cute theme and pick out flared dresses, off shoulder rompers, pink duster coats or anything that’s lace or embroidered. While it’s a very unique style, your friend will exactly know how to rock it and how to pair different feminine elements together.


    Our Tips:

    Pink Off Shoulder Dress

    This dress speaks for itself with the off shoulder design, the puffy tulle skirt and the floral prints, and it’s the perfect gift to  make your friend or loved one feel like a princess!


     Pink Strapless Fringe Dress

    This beauty is a throwback to the 1920’s, but with the pink color, it’s a modern take on the classic Great Gatsby dress. 


    What else?

    Floral home décor or a small must-have makeup kit to fit the girly present idea!



    Woman’s Apparel - Lilia Fabry - Must See Fall Fashions

    Woman’s Apparel - Lilia Fabry - Must See Fall Fashions

    Fall is one of the best fashion seasons because it brings the end of summer, beginning of school, and the promise of a new year. We love to research and try new trends, which is a great excuse to amplify our wardrobe. Check out these fall fashions to get the best tips for which way to go.

    1. The Cozy Sweater - Named a best pick by Elle Magazine, these soft and comfy tops are always a great choice. A few of the most notable choices are from Calvin Klein and J.W. Anderson, but you don’t need big bucks to indulge. Other great fall sweaters include cashmere blends, velvet, and wool.

    2. Navy Peacoat - This little coat was named the leading fall fashion classic by Live About. With colder weather coming on, outerwear will probably be what you are most spotted in and can make or break an outfit. However, a navy peacoat (or any other standard color) goes well with just about anything from jeans to skirts.

     3. Flannel Shirts - Whether your dress it up or down, a flannel shirt is a great way to throw some color and pattern into an otherwise bland outfit. Seventeen Magazine loves them and came out with 6 great ways to wear them including:

    • With leggings and boots
    • Tie another bold print around the waist of a flannel shirt
    • Wrap the flannel shirt around your waist to compliment a graphic t-shirt
    • Under a thick belt with a solid color
    • Underneath a cozy sweater
    • As a skirt

    4. Stirrup Leggings - The “cold shoulder” of leggings, they are leggings that come with a sort of sleeve that goes under the foot. Even though the trend was introduced on the fashion runaway, stirrup leggings have been spotted in mainstream stores, such as the Gap and Target. While these stirrups are made to be worn under the heel of the foot, some have chosen to go bold with stirrups being worn underneath the heel of the shoe.

    5. Wide Brimmed Hat - From the runaway to the street, these simple yet elegant hats are great for accentuating any outfit while adding both whimsy and practicality. Get one in black or brown so it will go with more outfits.

    More on Must See Fall Fashions

    No matter what the trend is, always have pieces that can stand the test of time. You never know which will come back.